Become a Voting Champion: Apply for a PLTV Fellowship

If you are looking for a longer, more professionally-oriented opportunity to support voting and civic engagement on campus, a Penn Leads the Vote fellowship is for you! Fellows work closely with PLTV staff to complete high impact projects over the course of the semester.

Past fellowship projects include a novel research project on the relationship between civic engagement and mental health, creating videos and social media graphics, analyzing voter-related data to improve PLTV programming, and much more!

Available opportunities are below. Feel free to email us at pennvotes@upenn.edu if you have any questions about a specific team or the program as a whole.

Fellow Expectations

  • Penn Student (graduate or undergraduate)
  • Able to commit 2-5 hours a week for the course of the semester
  • Complete all tasks and project in a timely manner
  • Communicate with their team leader via the PLTV Slack Workspace
  • Ability to remain nonpartisan

While we are able to pay students on the main PLTV team, at this time fellowships remain volunteer positions. 

Research Team

Conduct research on civic engagement at Penn and its effects on the community. Analyze voting and engagement data.

Content Creation Team

Develop and promote content for PLTV’s various social media accounts. Explore social media strategies that maximize engagement.

Organizing Team

Assist with volunteer recruitment, training, and tracking. Plan and run PLTV events alongside Organizer and Events Coordinator. Schedule volunteers for events and speak on represent PLTV when needed.

Language Accessibility Team

Translate voting information and resources. Build partnerships with cultural organizations to foster inclusivity.