Vote on Election Day

Polls Open on April 23rd








General Information

Polls are open from 7am-8pm.

Pennsylvania requires ID if you are voting for the first time at your polling place. Your PennCard counts as valid ID, and we suggest you bring it with you every time you vote. Other valid forms of identification in Pennsylvania can be found here.

If you requested a mail-in ballot and want to vote on Election Day instead, bring your entire mail-in ballot with you. This includes the ballot, return envelope, and secrecy envelope.

Information About Accessible Voting 

Every polling place in Pennsylvania must have at least one accessible voting system. Sometimes this is the general voting system used by all voters. It may be a separate system with features such as audio, tactile keys and other assistive technology.

If you need help voting due to a disability, you may bring a person of your choice to assist you in the voting process. There are a few restrictions on who to bring, including that you may not choose a person who is:

    • A Judge of Elections
    • Your Union Representative
    • Your Employer

The first time you have someone help you vote, the election officials at your polling place will ask you to complete and sign a form called a Declaration of Need of Assistance. After the first time, your registration record will note that you completed the form.

    Foreign Language Assistance

    Interpretation services are provided at every Philadelphia polling place. If an in-person language guide is not available at your polling place, ask a polling place official to call an interpreter.